CancerCare Manitoba Prevention and Screening Resources

We produce a variety of resources to educate patients about cancer prevention and screening and to support educators in the community to educate about cancer prevention and screening.

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Promote cancer screening in your community!

To help promote the importance of cancer screening in your community, we invite you to use the following resources. If you have any questions or concerns, let us know at

Decision Aid

Complete an online questionnaire in English or French to assess your risk for breast, cervical, and colon cancers, and learn how to reduce your risk of cancer. 


Demonstration Toolkits

Demonstration tools can be helpful to educate others about a cancer screening test. When patients know what to expect, it can lessen the anxiety around participating in cancer screening. To order demonstrations kits for ColonCheck (FIT) and CervixCheck (Pap test) click here


Education Videos

We have a variety of videos to choose from and in different languages!

  • BreastCheck: What to expect at a mammogram
  • CervixCheck: Vaccine and screen
  • ColonCheck: Screening for colon cancer with FIT
  • Screening Programs - a compilation of all of the cancer screening videos above (NEW!)
  • How to protect yourself from cancer (HPV vaccine)

To view the videos, see the section under this one entitled Education videos. 


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Printed Resources

We have a variety of paper resources for order. These include:

  • Cancer Screening tear off (pad of 50) - English/French*
  • What you need to know about reducing your risk of dying from breast cancer (2021.06)  EnglishFrench*   
  • What you need to know about preventing cervical cancer booklet (2022.03)  English/French*
  • What you need to know about preventing colon cancer booklet (2023.05) – English/French*
  • Breast Health: What is normal? booklet     English* |  French
  • Know your breasts bookmark  English*  |  French*
  • Sit. Swab. Send. posters - Yes, It's a Poop Test. English  |  French
  • Sit. Swab. Send. posters - Will You Sit with Us? English  |  French

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Protect yourself from cancer

Other languages

CervixCheck - French

ColonCheck - French

ColonCheck - Cree

Protect yourself from cancer - French


HPV Vaccination

Vaccine and screen

Poster - English/French

Protect your child from cancer

Poster – English/French*

Pocket guide – English/French

Business card – English*

Article (233 words) English/French (Word)

E-news image 5 x 5.86" English  |  French (jpg)

Social media

Facebook post: English | French
Instagram post: English | French
Instagram story: English | French

Radio ads

English (mp3)
English (wav)

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Messages to Parents

Cervical Cancer Survivor, Winnipeg, age 42 (diagnosed at age 39)
My world was turned upside down when I was only 39 years old and told that I had cancer. I'm currently in remission and want you to know that as a parent of a 10 year old little girl, I would never want to see her suffer the way I did. You have the  opportunity to prevent unnecessary pain and hardship for not only your child, but for your entire family too. Please, don't chance it, vaccinate your child against HPV, it could save his or her life.

Anita, Morden, MB
What I would really love for parents to know is that I lost someone I loved dearly because of cervical cancer. She was someone who was with one partner her entire life, in a committed relationship. Her faith was really important to her. But she still had HPV and because of that she died at the age of 39. Had this vaccine been available to her when she was in grade 6, she would still be here to raise her girls.

Cancer Screening Resources

Cancer Screening tear off (pad of 50) - English/French* To order tear off pads, click here.

Cancer Screening poster (11x17") - English/French

Get Checked Bookmarks


What you need to know about preventing cervical cancer booklet (2022.03)  English/French*

Help stop cervical cancer (illustrated version of the above booklet)  English   |   French

 Cervical cancer screening test result brochure*  English/French

Cervical cancer screening saves lives – women who have sex with women bookmark   English

Trans heath matters bookmark    English

Pap test flipchart with presenter notes – English/French

HPV: Frequently asked questions – English  |  French

Pap test demonstration kit*
(contains broom, vial, speculum, cervix model and a copy of The Pap Test: What to expect) 

The Pap test - English  |  French

Pap test editable posters English/French

Vaccine and screen posters - English/French

Pap Test bookmarks


What you need to know about reducing your risk of dying from breast cancer (2021.06)     English*   |     French*   

BreastCheck mammogram (illustrated version of the booklet above)          English  |  French

Breast Health: What is normal? booklet     English* |  French

Breast cancer screening saves lives poster    English  |   French

Breast health services information sheet (11x8.5), (padded in 25s) English/French*

Compression information sheet English/French 

Radiation information sheet English

Know your breasts bookmark  English*  |  French*

Honour your body, Know your breasts poster  English*


What you need to know about preventing colon cancer booklet (2023.05) – English/French*

Help stop colon cancer (illustrated version of the booklet above) (2023.08)  -  English |  French to come

Sit. Swab. Send. posters - Yes, It's a Poop Test. English  |  French

Sit. Swab. Send. posters - Will You Sit with Us? English  |  French

Colon cancer screening test demonstration kit (not for actual use)*
(Contains letter, instructions, kit, response form, return envelope, translated insert)

Colonoscopy sheet – English  |  French

Bowel prep instructions – English  |  French


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