The Paul Albrechtsen Research Institute CancerCare Manitoba is home to over 40 scientists seeking answers to a wide range of questions about cancer and blood disorders. Our research includes:

  • basic laboratory research about what causes these diseases, how they progress, and potential ways of preventing and treating them
  • clinical research that tests promising new drugs, treatments, and other interventions in patients
  • research on new imaging technologies to improve the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer and blood disorders
  • health services research on the best ways to organize, manage, and deliver high-quality cancer services, from prevention and screening to treatment and end-of-life care
  • patient experience research on palliative care, quality of life, cancer survivorship, and other things that matter to patients and their families

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The Paul Albrechtsen Research Institute CancerCare Manitoba is a joint institute of CancerCare Manitoba and the University of Manitoba and is generously supported by the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation.

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Research Programs

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Epidemiology & Cancer Registry

Department of Epidemiology and Cancer Registry at CancerCare Manitoba collects, organizes, and analyzes population-based cancer data in Manitoba.

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