Our Scientists

Over 40 scientists research cancer and blood disorders at the Research Institute at CancerCare Manitoba. This research includes basic discovery science, clinical trials, and research on patient experience and health services. Our scientists are principal investigators and co-investigators on grants valued at over $6 million, and have published over 300 peer-reviewed scientific papers in the past two years.

Our scientists are a diverse group from many disciplines including oncology, hematology, cell biology, biochemistry, epidemiology, gastroenterology, gynecology, immunology, medical genetics, medical microbiology, medical physics, molecular biology, neuroscience, nursing, pharmacology, physiology, and psychiatry.

Our scientists work collaboratively as members of teams, both within Manitoba as well as with other Canadian and international collaborators. They are supported by over 100 technicians, research associates, analysts, coordinators, administrative staff, and trainees.

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We are always interested in pursuing collaborations with new partners. The Research Office assists all CancerCare Manitoba researchers by identifying new funding opportunities, provide awareness of deadlines, co-ordinate the annual CancerCare Manitoba Foundation grant competition, and support collaborative research opportunities to strengthen research teams. By fostering relationships with other researchers interested in working with RIOH and matching the team's research goals to funding opportunities, the Research Office develops strategies to increase research, training and funding opportunities.

The Research Officers are Dr. Eilean McKenzie-Matwiy, Gary Annable and Dr. Mary-Ann Lindsay. Their responsibilities include facilitating grant applications, developing research collaborations, creating awareness of research opportunities, promoting research success, and organizing research events like CancerCare Manitoba Research Day. To contact either Research officers, please email.

Chen Chen
Administrative Assistant
Research Office ON5008 - 675 McDermot Ave

Ashley Sitarz
Research Resource Impact Committee Co-ordinator
Research Office ON4005 - 675 McDermot Ave

Shauna Ceslak
Grant Accountant - Finance, Grant Administration

Debbie Patkau
Administrative Assistant - Payroll, University appointments

Cheryl Clague
Research Coordinator
Research Office ON4005 - 675 McDermot Ave

Dr. Mary-Ann Lindsay