Publications for Healthcare Professionals

CancerTalk Newsletter

While patients with cancer benefit from regular contact with their family doctor, they make up a small proportion of a family physician's practice and staying current is challenging. CancerTalk is CancerCare Manitoba's newsletter for health professionals that features information about ongoing research, advances in cancer diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care. Developments in these areas are often fast-paced and we hope CancerTalk will keep you informed.

CancerTalk is published a minimum of twice yearly and each new issue will be posted on this website.

A Guide to Cancer and Blood Disorder Services in Manitoba

CancerCare Manitoba has prepared this guide for healthcare professionals to use as a resource for its services. The content includes contact information for a wide range of programs and services across the province.

Radiation Therapy - Q&A for Health Care Providers

What is Radiation Therapy and how does it work?