Complementary or Alternative Therapies

After a diagnosis of cancer, many patients seek out information about a wide range of treatments.

Your care team should be told if you’re consuming herbal products or other supplements to ensure that you’re not using something that might interact with your treatments or not be recommended for your type of cancer.

Many use complementary therapies, especially in the post-treatment phase. Some of these approaches may enhance standard treatments and contribute to health and quality of life. This may include reducing side effects, boosting the immune system and increased feelings of well-being.

It’s often difficult to make decisions about alternative or complementary therapies (also known as unconventional therapies) because reliable information may be difficult to find, and conventionally trained doctors often do not have expertise in this area. We encourage you to share your decisions and struggles about complementary or alternative therapies with your CancerCare Manitoba healthcare team. Be assured your questions will be treated with respect and compassion.