The Paul Albrechtsen Research Institute CancerCare Manitoba offers multiple services and resources to CCMR members through its core platforms, each summarized below. The Research Institute and its scientists receive grants from multiple agencies every year. This last year, fifty (50%) per cent of CCMB-managed research grants, including for core platforms, came from Manitoba donors through successful fundraising by the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation. The remaining 50% comes from other research granting agencies, the pharmaceutical industry, various universities, and government bodies. Together, $10.7M CAD has come into CCMB to support research. A total of $27M has been secured for research projects over the next 5 years.


In spring of 2021, the Genome Sequencing Laboratory was officially opened in the CancerCare Manitoba Research Institute, the first of its kind in terms of the collaboration.

Genomic Centre

The imaging genomics platform was developed by Dr. Sabine Mai as a regional/national facility for cutting-edge imaging applications for both basic research and technical services.

In Vivo Models

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Manitoba Cancer Informatics

The Manitoba Cancer Informatics Platform (MCIP) supports researchers in the use of multiple data sources to investigate variables related to patient outcome and experience.

Manitoba Tumour Bank

The Manitoba Tumour Bank (MTB) is a well-established multi-user collection of human cancer-related tissues, other biospecimens and related data.