Video Conferencing with Doctors and Patients

Distance doesn’t have to be a barrier for you and your family. CancerCare Manitoba is equipped with teleoncology, a technology that uses two-way video-conferencing equipment linking CCMB staff to patients, families and other healthcare professionals across the province. Participants will be able to see, hear and talk to each other via a television screen.

Healthcare professionals can use teleoncology to: 

  • provide specialized, consultative services to patients and families in rural sites equipped with MBTelehealth
  • participate in continuing educational sessions
  • attend and enhance participation in administrative functions
  • enable televisitation visits between patients and family members, when appropriate

MBTelehealth is a multiple-site network managed by the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority. For a list of facilities equipped with this technology, see this MBTelehealth Map.

To determine your eligibility for this service, please contact your healthcare provider.

Photo of Telehealth Usage (c) ShutterStock