Manitoba Breast Prosthesis Program

The Manitoba Breast Prosthesis Program offers eligible women across Manitoba a wide selection of prosthetics and surgical brassieres, sized by experienced and qualified fitters.

Who is eligible?

Women are eligible if they:

  • Are Manitoba residents
  • Have had a single or double mastectomy
  • Do not have the costs paid through other provincial or federal programs

Is there a cost?

When choosing products that are under or equal to the benefit amount, those eligible do not pay. The Manitoba Breast Prosthesis Program will pay the Approved Retail Supplier directly. The extra cost of a product over the benefit amount would be paid directly to the Approved Retail Supplier by those eligible.

What are the Options?

Those eligible may choose Option 1 OR Option 2:

Option 1:
A benefit every two years of:

  1. Up to $400 for one prosthesis for a single mastectomy; or
  2. Up to $400 per prosthesis for a toal of two prostheses for a double mastectomy; and
  3. Up to $50 dollars for one bra

Option 2:
A benefit every four years of:

  1. Up to $800 for one prosthesis for a single mastectomy; or
  2. Up to $800 per prosthesis to a total for two prostheses for a double mastectomy; and
  3. Up to $100 dollars for one bra

*All prostheses and bras must be obtained through a Manitoba Breast Prosthesis Program Approved Retail Supplier.*

Questions or concerns contact:

Breast & Gyne Cancer Centre of Hope
Phone: 204-787-2970
Toll-free: 1-866-561-1026
Fax: 204-786-0623

What to do?

Step 1: Get a prescription - Prescriptions may be written by a surgeon, physician or nurse practitioner in Manitoba.

Step 2: Choose an Approved Retail Supplier and a program option.

  • Come in different styles, sizes and shapes
  • Can be worn in a bra with a pocket while others can stick directly on to the skin
  • Can be ready-to-wear off the shelf or custom made

Please note - Each Approved Retail Supplier may carry different types of products.

Step 3: Call the Approved Retail Supplier to make an appointment.
The Approved Retail Supplier will:

  • Check to see if you are eligible for a prosthesis through the Manitoba Breast Prosthesis Program. This can only be done during regular business hours Monday to Friday.
  • Make an appointment for a time when a certified fitter is available
  • Fit you with a prosthesis and bra

Did you Know

After a mastectomy, it is recommended that the surgery site has had time to heal before wearing a breast prosthesis and bra.

  • Some women take more time to heal than others
  • If you are unsure if you are healed enough, talk to your surgeon or health care provider.

A lightweight soft cotton filled temporary prosthesis can be worn while you are healing. These are available at no cost by calling the Canadian Cancer Society: 204-774-7483 or 1-888-532-6982.

Some women feel lopsided (lean to one side) with only having one breast. If the lost breast weight is not replaced, some women may experience back, neck and shoulder pain and balance problems. Wearing a properly fitted breast prosthesis and bra can help a woman feel more balanced, improve her posture and help with attire.

CancerCare Manitoba Approved Retail Suppliers (2019)


Allure by Norma

BraBar & Panterie
100-160 Provencher Blvd.

J-1765 Kenaston Blvd.

Ce Soir Fine Lingerie
145-166 Meadowood Dr.

Diva Lingerie & Swimwear
Unit 122-1120 Grant Ave.

7-1225 St. Mary's Rd.

Eyelet Dove
485 Academy Rd.

Lifeart Prosthetics Inc.
1926 B Main St.

Northland Healthcare Products Ltd.
9-1341 Henderson Hwy
Stevens Home Medical Supplies
700 William Ave. SR140

The Unexpected Gift Inc.
564 Osborne St.
Unit 2




Home Health Care
3000 Victoria Ave. 204-727-2483

New Beginnings
601-18th St. 204-725-4080


Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy
622-3rd St. S. W. 204-638-4602

Sharon's Lingerie
207 Main St. North 204-638-7605


Morden Massage Therapy Centre
2-34 Stephen St. 204-822-4239


Harris Pharmacy
424 Mountain Ave. 204-476-2888


Bella Ragazza Lingerie & Swimwear
63B Main St. 204-785-1802


Natural Image


Swan River Valley Natural Path
520 Main St. 204-734-2848