Pain & Symptom Management

CancerCare Manitoba's Pain and Symptom Management Clinics provide a multidisciplinary approach to the assessment and treatment of patients who have symptoms related to cancer or its treatments that have proven difficult to resolve. These clinics provide consultation and short-term follow up services.

Referrals can be made by family physicians, specialists, and nurses using the standard CCMB referral form.

In most clinics, patients will be asked to complete a short questionnaire called COMPASS to help determine patient symptoms and concerns. Click here to learn more about COMPASS.

A Pain & Symptom physician is available via telephone to aid in pain and symptom management during normal business hours from Monday through Friday. The main purpose of this service is to give "over the phone" consultation in a timely manner to members of the health care teams who are caring for cancer patients with significant symptom issues related to their cancer or cancer treatment. To access the Pain & Symptom physician on call during business hours, phone: 204-237-2033.

CCMB Pain & Symptom Clinic

CCMB Pain Handout and Pain Diary
Download the pain handout and additional pain diaries.

Contact Us

CCMB Symptom Management Physicians:
Dr. Paul Daeninck

(204) 237-2033

Dr. Joel Gingerich
(204) 237-2033

Fax to: 204-786-0621

Or call: 204-787-2176