Cancer Screening

If you have no signs or symptoms of cancer, you still need to be proactive about your health. CancerCare Manitoba promotes screening for three types of cancer: breast, cervix and colon. Screening is for individuals who have no signs or symptoms of the cancers for which they’re being tested.

Screening is available at various locations across Manitoba, while colon tests can be done at home.

The value of screening includes:

  • Finding and treating changes before they develop into cancer.
  • Discovering other cancers early when treatment may work better.
  • Tests for cervix and colon cancers can help prevent the start of cancer.

Screening is only offered for breast, cervix and colon cancers as there’s not enough evidence to show that screening for other types of cancer across large populations will effectively reduce the number of cases of cancer or deaths.

For more information, visit CancerCare Manitoba's screening programs or call toll free 1-855-95-CHECK.

You can also contact the individual programs.


It’s recommended most women ages 50 and over have a screening mammogram every two years.
Contact the program at 204-788-8000 or email

Breast Check also has fixed sites located in, Boundary Trails, Brandon, Thompson, Winnipeg

Note: Brandon site is located at Nurses Residence, 620 Frederick Street, Brandon, MB R7A 2B3


Most women age 21-69 who have ever been sexually active should have a pap test every three years.
Contact the program at 204-788-8626 or email


It’s recommended most men and women age 50-74 do a home screening test (stool test) every two years.
Contact the program at 204-788-8635 or email