Your Voice is Important

At CancerCare Manitoba patients and their families are at the very heart of our work. We strive to provide patient and family-centered health care, using an approach to planning and delivery that recognizes and respects patients and families as partners in the process.  There are many opportunities for people with lived experience to ensure that CancerCare Manitoba is truly focused on meeting their needs.

Sharing your story to improve quality

We know that we can learn a lot from hearing about your experience. When you share your story with us, we are able to provide your ideas and suggestions to various committees and teams to help shape their work. We also have occasions where we are looking for people to share their story publicly, through the media, to staff, to other patients and families, and/or at special events. 
If you have something you would like to share contact, please email

Volunteer as a Patient & Family Advisor

People who have lived cancer experience, as either a patient or a family member, can volunteer as a Patient & Family Advisor. They work with the CancerCare Manitoba team by participating on committees, in working groups, and providing feedback on patient information and programming.
The level of commitment is flexible and we work to match you with projects and topics of interest to you. 
For additional information on becoming a Patient & Family Advisor Volunteer, see our Volunteer at CCMB page.

Patient’s Rights and Responsibilities

CancerCare Manitoba is committed to providing comprehensive patient care of the highest quality. We feel you should be aware of your rights and responsibilities.

You have the right:

  • To high quality care by competent personnel.
  • To respect, honesty and integrity by all persons involved in your care.
  • To know personnel will respond to your requests as fully as possible.
  • To know the names and functions of all members of your health care team.
  • To have complete, current information about your diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis in a manner you can understand.
  • To participate with the health care team in decisions that concern your treatment plan, care and well-being.
  • To be advised if you are to be contacted for a research project and the right, without reservations, to decline entry into a research project.
  • To be examined in an environment that is private and of reasonable comfort.
  • To openly express your concerns and receive a response about the confidentiality of your personal health information.
  • To have your medical information managed in compliance with the Personal Health Information Act of Manitoba (PHIA).

 You are responsible for:

  • Providing, to the best of your ability, complete and accurate information about your health.
  • Reporting any changes in your condition that are unexpected and/or sudden.
  • Letting staff know when you do not understand information given.
  • Following, to the best of your ability, the treatment plan decided on by you and your team.
  • Keeping appointments, or contacting the clinic if you are not able to do so for any reason.
  • Being mindful of other patients’ rights and respecting property belonging to the clinic or other people.
  • Informing your health care team if you are consuming herbal products or other supplements to ensure that you are not using something that might interact with your treatments.

If you have any questions or concerns about your rights as a patient, feel free to contact the Patient Representative at 204-787-2065.