New survey seeks input from Manitobans on cancer prevention

  • 12/14/20 10:30 AM
  • CCMB Communications and Public Affairs

CancerCare Manitoba (CCMB) has launched a new survey asking Manitobans about their knowledge on cancer risk factors and what should be done to help prevent cancer.

“As part of our cancer prevention strategy, we are committed to providing Manitobans with up-to-date information on how to reduce their cancer risk,” said Dr. Donna Turner, Provincial Director of Population Oncology at CancerCare Manitoba. “The results from the survey will help guide us as we develop public health messages on cancer prevention.”

CCMB is asking Manitobans ages 19 to 44 to share their feedback by answering the two-minute survey. All responses will be anonymous and participants will be entered to win one of 10 gift cards worth $50 each.

Each year in Manitoba, the number of cancer cases continues to increase. This year, 7,000 Manitobans will be diagnosed with cancer. By 2035, this number is expected to rise to 10,000 new cancer cases, which is an increase of over 40 percent. Up to half of all cancer cases can be prevented through lifestyle changes such as living smoke-free, getting physically active, and being sun safe.

The upcoming Roadmap to Cancer Control for Manitoba 2020 has prioritized cancer prevention strategies as essential to achieving cancer control, with a focus on lowering Manitobans’ cancer risk, and decreasing the number of people who develop cancer.

“Risk reduction to prevent cancer and screening for early detection are key to cancer control,” said Turner. “We hope Manitobans will answer the survey to provide their input and help guide our new cancer prevention activities.” 

The survey is available in English and French at

For more information, please contact CancerCare Manitoba Communications:
Phone: 204-330-6575