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April 22, 2009

Manitoba Prostate Centre at CancerCare Manitoba was officially renamed in honour of Dr. Ernest W. Ramsey

The Manitoba Prostate Centre at CancerCare Manitoba was officially renamed in honour of Dr. Ernest W. Ramsey - a superb physician, an excellent teacher and a true visionary.

Dr. Ramsey was dedicated to patient care, research and teaching. It was through his efforts that the Manitoba Prostate Centre was developed and it is only fitting it bear his name.

During the April 17 event, it was announced that in partnership with Manitoba Health and with strong support for vital equipment costs from the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation, CancerCare Manitoba will support a novel way of treating prostate cancer at the centre.

CancerCare Manitoba Foundation Board Chairman Mr. Andrew Paterson announced that the Foundation is investing $125,000 towards the purchase of cryotherapy equipment. Premier Gary Doer announced support for a state-of-the-art ultrasound unit.

Cryotherapy is a procedure which freezes the prostate gland through the insertion of probes that allow precise, controlled cooling of cancerous prostate tissue. It is used to treat cancer in selected patients suitable for this procedure either because they may not be fit for surgery or able to receive radiotherapy. This procedure has been used previously when men have a recurrence after radiation therapy, but is now increasingly being used as a primary treatment of prostate cancer in carefully selected men.

Currently, this treatment option is only offered in a few centres across the country.

Officially opened in September 2004, the $3.4 million centre was the result of a network of supportive partners including government, corporate, community, the Manitoba Prostate Cancer Support Group and CancerCare Manitoba Foundation. It serves as a centre of excellence for coordinated, timely access to diagnosis and therapy and is staffed by a multi-disciplinary team of urologic surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, nurses, a psychosocial clinician and registered dietitian.

To date, the Foundation has spent over $600,000 to support research and care projects within the centre.

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