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April 18, 2008

Province Invests Over $1.7 Million To Bolster Cancer Strategy

The province will triple the number of beds dedicated to radiation oncology, fund more than 2,500 additional preventative breast-cancer screenings and hire new staff as part of a package of new investments aimed at cancer prevention and treatment, Health Minister Theresa Oswald and Healthy Living Minister Kerri Irvin-Ross announced today.
"As Manitoba's population continues to age, we know we need to make strategic investments in cancer-care programs and services," said Oswald.  "Building on our investments in additional staff and screening services, we can ensure our health-care providers can continue to provide the quality cancer care Manitobans need."
"It's when cancers are detected early that people have the best chance of survival," said Irvin-Ross. "That's why we're increasing the number of breast screening appointments and continuing our support of the provincial colorectal screening program."
Today's package of investments includes:
· $500,000 to continue operation of the successful Manitoba Colorectal Cancer Screening Program,
· $600,000 for additional staff for patient care at CancerCare Manitoba and for new community cancer program staff,
· approximately $130,000 to add 2,590 more appointments for the Manitoba Breast Screening Program, and
· $500,000 for the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority to hire nurses and health-care aides to support four new in-patient  radiation oncology beds at the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg.
"This investment will allow us to triple the number of beds dedicated to radiation oncology," said Dr. Perry Gray, chief medical officer of the Health Sciences Centre.  "That means these patients will all be in one area of the hospital, where they will be cared for by the same team of specialists in a more timely fashion."
"This announcement builds on the importance of a cancer strategy and that we need to work together to improve cancer control," said Dr. Dhali Dhaliwal, president and CEO, CancerCare Manitoba. "Today's funding will enhance our capacity to tackle cancer on multiple fronts, from screening to in-patient care."
Today's announcements are key components of the province's comprehensive strategic framework to guide health-care professionals and government in the prevention and treatment of cancer, the ministers said.
"There is no one solution to beating cancer," said Oswald.  "That's why we're working with our partners to invest in several areas, so we can build on our progress and ensure quality cancer services are available across the province."
Introduced in June 2007, Cancer Services in Manitoba:  A Strategic Framework encourages partners from government and the health-care sector to work together to develop a comprehensive approach to improve cancer outcomes.  A copy of framework is available at:

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