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June 9, 2015

Province Introduces New Legislation That Would Update X-Ray Equipment Requirements

New Legislation Would Enhance Health Protection for Manitobans: Minister Blady

The Manitoba government is introducing new legislation that would update requirements for the use of X-ray equipment, Health Minister Sharon Blady announced today.

"We want to ensure equipment is being operated to the highest standards to best protect Manitoba health-care workers and patients," said Minister Blady. "This new legislation would update the existing legislation to current standards to make sure these needed tests are delivered as safely as possible."

The radiation protection act would update the requirements for the installation and operation of X-ray equipment to better protect patients and health-care providers. The proposed legislation would include:
  • updating requirements for registration and sites for use of X-ray equipment, CT scanners, PET scanners and other similar equipment;
  • updating radiation dose limits for workers and the public;
  • adding specific requirements for the use and maintenance of equipment as well as quality assurance programs;
  • updating requirements for protective equipment; and
  • modernizing inspection authority for radiation safety inspectors.

"As the provincial agency tasked with radiation protection responsibilities, we welcome the updated legislation," said Dr. Sri Navaratnam, president and chief executive officer of CancerCare Manitoba. "We are Manitoba's experts on maintaining provincial standards of radiation safety across the province, through our Radiation Protection Program."

The minister noted the province consulted representatives of Diagnostic Services Manitoba, the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, the Manitoba Quality Assurance Program, CancerCare Manitoba, the Manitoba Dental Association and the Manitoba Chiropractors Association in developing the proposed legislation.

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