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June 26, 2013

Joint CancerCare Manitoba/University of Winnipeg
Radiation Therapy Degree Created

Diploma/Degree Program Prepares Students for Global Workforce

CancerCare Manitoba (CCMB) and the University of Winnipeg are pleased to announce a joint diploma/degree program in radiation therapy for Manitoba students. The joint program builds on educational programming CCMB has offered to students, by including the enhanced educational programming that UWinnipeg.

Working together, both CCMB and UWinnipeg expanded the program with existing resources. The joint radiation therapy program will provide highly skilled staff for Manitoba when needed and help meet the needs of other cancer centres.

"This new program will help ensure professional, high quality help is there for families in our province when they need it," said Minister of Health Theresa Oswald. "It also gives students the hands on training they need from CancerCare Manitoba and top notch classroom instruction at the University of Winnipeg. This exciting joint partnership is a win-win for families and students."

CancerCare Manitoba has offered a diploma in radiation therapy since 1958, through its School of Radiation Therapy. Once trained, graduates provide radiation therapy treatments to cancer patients. The joint diploma and degree program broadens the scope of the radiation therapist, by broadening the base of the education they receive. Rising cancer rates ensure highly skilled graduates are available to meet the increasing treatment needs of cancer patients as well.

"We've been training Radiation Therapists for 55 years, and with this announcement the training and education better prepares students to work with increasingly complex technologies and treatment regiments, " said Dr. Dhali Dhaliwal, president and CEO of CancerCare Manitoba. "Thanks to this partnership, a diploma and degree in radiation therapy now equips Manitoba students with outstanding credentials and skill levels that are recognized nationally and sought after around the world."

The joint program will include four years of education at both CCMB and UWinnipeg. Specific university courses will enable the students to obtain both a science degree from the university and a diploma from CCMB upon completion of all educational requirements.

"For close to a decade, UWinnipeg has built world class programs in medical physics and nuclear physics," said Dr. Lloyd Axworthy, President & Vice Chancellor UWinnipeg. "The partnership with CancerCare Manitoba in delivering the program guarantees our students a strong academic and technical foundation for their future employment as Radiation Therapists. It also further enhances the well-deserved reputation of our physics department, which already includes a cluster of educational and research activity in this field. This is a fine addition to the growing suite of scientific and health-related programs that students can pursue at our University."

"Students have always come to UWinnipeg for their qualifying year to attend the Radiation Therapy program," explained Dr. James Currie, Dean of Science, UWinnipeg. "This partnership offers students (science and physics) a professional designation while completing their degree and meeting the current demands of the market place."

Students of the joint program will be trained on site at CancerCare Manitoba's main site near the Health Sciences Centre. Clinical education may also take place at the Western Manitoba Cancer Centre (WMCC) in Brandon. The WMCC is the only radiation therapy treatment site outside of Winnipeg.

Radiation Therapy Degree
UWinnipeg's joint Degree/Certification program with CancerCare Manitoba (CCM) in Radiation Therapy involves the use of radiation (in this case, high energy x-rays) to treat the cancer cells in the body. The program involves a full Science degree that offers professional accreditation. For more information on this program visit

For more information:
David Hultin, CancerCare Manitoba Communications and Public Affairs
Phone: 204-787-4540

Naniece Ibrahim, Communications Officer, University of Winnipeg
Phone: 204-988-7130

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