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October 23, 2012

Leading-edge prostate cancer research receives funding boost

The Manitoba chapter of Motorcycle Ride for Dad, along with their presenting sponsor Manitoba Lotteries, have made a $50,000 grant towards Dr. Sabine Mai's prostate cancer research program at the Manitoba Institute of Cell Biology (MICB).

The funds were raised by over 800 Manitoba motorcycle enthusiasts during their 4th annual ride in May 2012 and will be used to support Dr. Mai's collaborative work with Dr. Jeff Saranchuk and Dr. Darrel Drachenberg from the Manitoba Prostate Centre. Dr. Mai is the director of the Genomic Centre for Cancer Research and Diagnosis which is housed within MICB.

"Members in the Manitoba chapter are a dedicated group focused on men's health, in particular fighting prostate cancer through research and awareness," remarked Kirk Van Alstyne, co-chair, Manitoba chapter, Motorcycle Ride for Dad. "To achieve this we raise funds and turn these funds over locally to research against prostate cancer."

"Dr. Mai's microscope is leading-edge technology that will allow for earlier detection of prostate cancer which has the potential to give clinicians the information they need to tailor a patient's treatment to their individual disease," remarked Dr. Spencer Gibson, Director, MICB. "In an era of personalized medicine, treatment planning and long term outcomes will be improved by better understanding the nature of this cancer. My sincere appreciation and thanks to the Manitoba Chapter of Motorcycle Ride for Dad for supporting our work."

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