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October 22, 2012

Start talking about Pap tests. TellEveryWoman 2012!
Research shows regular Pap tests can prevent up to 80% of cervical cancer

Women love to talk - with friends, with mothers, with daughters, and with sisters. Women talk about lots of things, but what about the things they don't talk about? Like the importance of getting regular Pap tests?

As part of National Cervical Cancer Awareness Week, October 22 - 28, CervixCheck - CancerCare Manitoba's cervical cancer screening program - is hosting TellEveryWoman 2012 which highlights the importance of talking about Pap tests for the prevention of cervical cancer.

"We need to get women talking," said program manager Kimberly Templeton. "Cervical cancer is highly preventable and Pap tests are an effective screening test for the disease. Pap tests find abnormal changes on the cervix before they turn into cancer."

CervixCheck encourages all women who have ever been sexually active to go for a Pap test every two years.

In Manitoba, 60% of women diagnosed with cervical cancer have not had a Pap test in five years or more. Each year about 50 Manitoba women are diagnosed with the disease.

"Cervical cancer in its early, or precancerous stages often has no symptoms which is why it is important to get screened regularly," said Dr. Donna Turner, Director of Population Oncology at CancerCare Manitoba. "Most cervical cancers can be prevented if women have regular Pap tests with follow-up for abnormal changes."

To help start the conversation, CervixCheck hosts - a website that talks about Pap tests as well as offering creative ways to share this important information.

Make an appointment for a Pap test with your regular doctor or nurse, or to find a Pap clinic close to home, visit and click on "where can I go?" There are over 90 communities around the province that offer Pap tests throughout the year.

"Our goal is to increase screening participation rates and reduce deaths from cervical cancer," said Templeton. "Please talk about Pap tests with family and friends and make screening a part of your regular health care routine."

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