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August 15, 2012

CCMB's Dr. Stephen Pistorius receives national grant from the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

Congratulations to Dr. Stephen Pistorius, CCMB Senior Research Scientist, who will receive a significant national grant from the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, as one of eight new projects across the country that are aimed at earlier detection of breast cancer. Dr. Pistorius receives the award based on a proposal to use spintronic based microwave imaging sensors to aid earlier breast cancer detection.

Dr. Pistorius and his team plan to explore whether spintronic nanosenors (small solid-state sensors capable of detecting low power electromagnetic waves) can be used to create images with sufficient resolution to detect breast cancer earlier and with better specificity than conventional methods. This technology has other possible benefits, as it does not require breast compression, is safer than x-ray based systems, while potentially being easier to use, more portable and cost effective as well.

Congratulations to Dr. Pistorius and his team.

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