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June 23, 2011 ... Because Cancer Screening Saves Lives

Winnipeg, MB June 23, 2011: Winnipeg commuters using Sherbrook St. near the Misericordia Health Centre this morning will run straight into a "CheckStop" that has nothing to do with driving habits.

Staff and volunteers from CancerCare Manitoba?s BreastCheck, CervixCheck, and ColonCheck programs will be passing information to motorists from 7:00-8:30am to raise awareness about the benefits of regular cancer screening and early detection.

"Our most recent Community Health Assessment projected that this province will see up to a 50% increase in the number of cancer cases over the next fifteen to twenty years, so screening is vital in the detection of cancer," said Dr. Donna Turner, Provincial Director, Population Oncology. "The three provincial screening programs are a part of a comprehensive strategy to find breast, cervical and colorectal cancer at the earliest and most treatable stage."

BreastCheck offers women 50 years of age and over free mammograms at four permanent locations in Winnipeg, Thompson, Brandon, and Boundary Trails and two mobile units that travel to over 90 sites across Manitoba. Since the screening program began in 1995, 2,726 breast cancers have been detected.

CervixCheck recommends that all women who have ever been sexually active have a Pap test every two years. The program also invites unscreened women to be screened and ensures that women with abnormal Pap tests are followed up accordingly. Regular Pap tests can prevent up to 80% of cervical cancer.

ColonCheck recommends most people 50-74 years of age complete a simple home screening test every two years. When colon cancer is detected in the earliest stage, survival rates approach 90%.

CancerCare Manitoba changed the provincial screening program names so that Manitobans become more familiar with the importance of early detection.

"We want every Manitoban to know the readily identifiable BreastCheck, CervixCheck and ColonCheck names,"said Dr. Dhali Dhaliwal, President & CEO, CancerCare Manitoba. "Check out, our new website packed with information that could save your life."

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