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March 22, 2017

Lynch Syndrome Awareness Day March 22, 2017
Genetic testing in Manitoba aids early detection of cancer

CancerCare Manitoba joined Minister of Health, Seniors and Active Living Kelvin Goertzen as he officially proclaimed March 22, 2017 as Lynch Syndrome Awareness Day in Manitoba.

Lynch Syndrome is an inherited condition that affects approximately 50 Manitobans each year. Patients with Lynch Syndrome have a 60 per cent chance of developing colorectal cancer. Women with Lynch Syndrome have a 60 per cent risk of developing endometrial cancer.

"Detecting colon cancer at its earliest stage means a 90 per cent survival rate and Lynch Syndrome testing is one more tool towards early detection," said Dr. Sri Navaratnam, president and CEO of CancerCare Manitoba. "The financial support from CancerCare Manitoba Foundation means we can provide this life saving genetic testing to benefit Manitobans."

In Manitoba, colorectal cancer surgery patients aged 70 and under receive testing for Lynch Syndrome. If Lynch Syndrome is detected, cancer monitoring is increased. Because this is a hereditary condition, family members are offered genetic testing. This helps identify their risk of developing cancers and allows them to consider regular screening. This leads to earlier detection and more successful treatments.

"We are so grateful to our donors who support this effort and so many other important initiatives which enable CancerCare Manitoba to do its great work," said Annitta Stenning, president and CEO of CancerCare Manitoba Foundation.

Lynch Syndrome testing is delivered by a partnership between CancerCare Manitoba and Diagnostic Services Manitoba.

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