Guidelines for Submitting Amendments

All revisions, additions or deletions to studies previously approved by the Research Resource Impact Committee (RRIC) are considered amendments and must be submitted to the CCMB RRIC, University of Manitoba REB, and all other relevant regulatory bodies, for review to ensure that the research remains scientifically and ethically sound and departments are notified of any changes in resource requirements.

The Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible for ensuring that amendments are submitted to the RRIC for review and written approval is received prior to implementation.

Study amendments will be reviewed between meetings by the RRIC chair and impacted departments and can be submitted to the RRIC Coordinator at any time. If the amendment includes significant changes, the chair may require submission to the full committee at their next monthly meeting. The decision of whether an amendment qualifies for expedited review rests with the RRIC chair.

The RRIC generally considers sub-studies, ancillary studies, rollover studies, continuation studies, and extension studies as new studies, however, the decision of whether they qualify for review as amendments rests with the RRIC chair.

All revised study documents must have version dates that reflect the most recent amendment/administrative change submission.

Once the amendment has been approved, a signed copy of the amendment form will be returned to the PI with the outcome of the review.

For questions about the amendment form and submission process, please contact RRIC Coordinator at 204-787-4170. The Study Amendment Form is available in the Forms section of the web site.