Referral Guide for Physicians

Dear Referring Physician/Clinic:

CancerCare Manitoba (CCMB) has standardized our referral processes in order to provide a simple and efficient method for referring physicians.

The CCMB Referral Centre provides a central point of entry for referring physicians to access CCMB clinical services for patients requiring consultation and serves to facilitate communication between CCMB, the referring physician and patients. Streamlining of the referral process will assist in the prioritization of referrals.

As you know, a cancer diagnosis can be devastating for patients and families. Most people find that becoming knowledgeable about cancer and its treatment, understanding the various members of their health care team, and receiving support for the emotional and practical issues related to the cancer helps to ease their distress. We encourage you to invite your patients to visit the many sections of the CCMB web site while they are waiting to see their oncologist. By downloading a copy of our Patient and Family Handbook patients can receive information regarding the many resources and supports that are available to them. Click on the links provided to view the guide in English or French

We appreciate our partnership with the referring community and look forward to your cooperation in meeting patient needs with the enhanced referral process.

Dr. Sri Navaratnam, MBBS, FRCPC, PhD
President & Chief Executive Officer
CancerCare Manitoba