UPCON - Uniting Primary Care and Oncology

The UPCON Program is dedicated to promoting and supporting the shared care of the cancer patient through collaborative relationships with primary care in the UPCON Network of clinics, leadership involvement in the Primary Care Working Group of the 'In Sixty' Cancer Patient Journey initiative and work to support and improve communication between clinicians and cancer and blood disorder specialists. There are over 50 clinics in our network, in all regions of the province. Through provincial newsletters, training /professional development opportunities, a provincial cancer helpline for providers and work on special initiatives, UPCON brings support all primary care providers in the province. UPCON is ensuring that people with cancer experience better coordination of their care between their different care providers.

UPCON began as a partnership between 12 Winnipeg family practice clinics/primary health care centres and CancerCare Manitoba. It was officially launched on April 1, 2004 with the support of funding from the federal Primary Health Care Transition Fund. A proposal to evaluate and to expand beyond the initial urban boundaries into a provincial network was generously supported in 2006-2007 by the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation and UPCON became an ongoing program of CCMB.

In 2012, UPCON and the Community Cancer Program Network (CCPN) joined forces to become the Community Oncology Program at CCMB.

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