Fertility and Cancer

Many treatments for cancer can impact on your ability to have children in the future. It is important to discuss your plans for this with your health care providers as soon as possible. There are services available to preserve fertility, but you have to act quickly and before treatment starts.

At completion of therapy, fertility options may be available to younger girls; discuss with your oncologist.

Heartland Fertility Clinic in Winnipeg provides a variety of fertility services including sperm banking, egg freezing, and embryo preservation. Call (204) 779-8888 or visit www.heartlandfertility.mb.ca.

There are costs involved that are not covered by Manitoba Health but there is a tax credit available to a maximum of $8,000 per year that can be claimed by the patient or parent for a younger person.Certain cancer treatments are more likely to lead to infertility than others. Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery may all result in infertility, depending on the type, dose, length, frequency, or location of treatment. Talk to your oncologist to determine the likelihood of infertility associated with your course of treatment.

For more information, you can also contact Dr Anne Katz (787 4495), CancerCare Manitoba sexuality counsellor.

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