CCMB Breast & Gyne Cancer Centre of Hope

Peer Support

Volunteers offer support to people who are dealing with breast cancer. Clients requesting peer support are matched to a volunteer with a similar diagnosis and treatment plan. Matches are also made according to age, family situation and other circumstances. Meetings between Peer Support Volunteers and clients can be in person or over the phone, one time or ongoing.


Community Contact

Rural volunteers work within their home community as a link to people diagnosed with breast cancer and the information, support and services available in their area.

These volunteers:
  • Receive special training and ongoing education and support through the Breast Cancer Centre of Hope.
  • Promote themselves as a breast cancer contact in their community.
  • Identify resources available in the area surrounding their community.

Newsletter Editorial Team

Volunteers write and edit the Breast Cancer Centre of Hope newsletter, Our Voice. The editorial team is made up of breast cancer survivors as well as family members, and various health professionals. This newsletter is published three times per year.
  • Members of the editorial team determine the themes and stories for upcoming newsletter issues.
  • Volunteers are assigned topic areas and then research, conduct interviews and write articles for submission to the team.
  • Team members edit each others submissions.

Our Voice BCCH newsletter masthead


General Support

Volunteers provide support at the Breast Cancer Centre of Hope at various times, often on an ad hoc basis. Duties may include photocopying, filing, mail outs, cleaning and stocking our prosthesis and bra bank, making pink ribbons, general office tasks, computer work, working in our library and/or tending to the healing garden.

volunteer in the BCCH library
volunteer opportunities with the prosthesis and bra bank cart