Privacy / PHIA

Manitoba's Personal Health Information Act (PHIA) was legislated June 28, 1997. CancerCare Manitoba, as a trustee, shall protect personal health information by adopting reasonable administrative, technical, and physical safeguards that ensure the confidentiality, security, accuracy and integrity of the information.

As a trustee, CancerCare Manitoba will limit on amount of information used or disclosed. Every use and disclosure by a trustee of personal health information must be limited to the minimum amount of information necessary to accomplish the purpose for which it is used or disclosed.

It is important that research studies comply with the Act to:
  1. Limit collection of identifiable personal health information. Participant should be assigned a study number. All efforts to de-identify shall be made.
  2. If study participant personal health information will be disclosed, obtain signed consent from participant.
  3. Limit access to study information. Researchers should be aware of the Personal Health Information Act, and sign a pledge of confidentiality.
  4. Safeguard study information that has been collected. Consider, how will this information be stored ie. Stored in a locked filing cabinet, not removed off premises, computer is password protected, computer data encrypted? CD/disk use and storage, use of USB keys. Information must be protected.
  5. How long will the data be retained, and how will it be destroyed once the study is completed.

PHIA Orientation & Pledge Forms (Note: The PHIA orientation and pledge forms are only required if you have not received prior PHIA training)

If you answered "no" to question 8.3 on the RRIC Submission form and/or question 8 on the PHIA form for research, please complete the PHIA Checklist and PHIA Pledge. All completed forms must be submitted to the Health Information Services Privacy Office (ON2092 - 675 McDermot Avenue)