The Provincial Pharmacy program at CancerCare Manitoba has an Investigational Drug Services (IDS) area, staffed by pharmacists and pharmacy assistants. These professionals ensure good clinical practice is followed for all clinical trial duties they are delegated.

IDS staff ensure that all drug provided as part of a clinical trial are handled in accordance with Health Canada regulations for clinical trials. Services provided by IDS include; ordering, receiving, completing accountability, dispensing and preparation, storage and destruction of trial associated drug. Trial related documentation is maintained and stored by IDS as per Health Canada regulations. IDS staff will liaise with the study investigators and/or sponsors as required. If required, prescription development and patient education may also be provided.

If you are working on a trial that may require pharmacy services please contact the IDS Pharmacy at (204)787-4359 to inquire about our services and fee structure.

The Provincial Pharmacy program maintains an electronic database of all restricted or non-formulary medication requests. The database will list the patient, prescriber, the requested therapy, and the outcome of the request.

If you have any questions about this database please contact the Pharmacy Data Manager at (204)787-4263.