Patient and Family Support Services

Patient and Family Support Services, operating within the provincial mandate of CancerCare Manitoba, is a multidisciplinary team of professionals working collaboratively to help meet the social, emotional, nutritional, informational, psychological, spiritual, rehabilitation and practical needs of those affected by cancer and their families throughout the diagnostic, treatment and/or follow-up phases of cancer care. It encompasses issues of prevention, survivorship, recurrence, palliative care and bereavement.

Patient and Family Support Services includes six distinct but related services: Psychosocial Oncology (including Spiritual Care), Nutrition Services, Rehabilitation Services (Speech Language Pathology), Breast Cancer Centre of Hope, Patient and Family Resource Centre and Guardian Angel Caring Room .

Services are provided at all CancerCare Manitoba Units, ie MacCharles Site (675 McDermot Avenue), St. Boniface Unit, and Misericordia site (Breast Cancer Centre of Hope).

We encourage investigators to consider collaborating with staff within Patient and Family Support Services if their research involves one of these specialty areas of cancer care.

CancerCare Manitoba’s Patient and Family Support Services supports research by:

If it is anticipated that patients and or families may feel anxiety or emotional distress as a result of participation in a study, or, if anxiety or emotional distress might be uncovered through participation in a study, it is recommended that the following paragraph be included in the information for study participants. Sign off from the Director of Patient and Family Support Services will also be required.

"Participation in this study may be upsetting or distressing to you as you recall your own cancer experience, or the experience of your family member. If you would like to talk to someone about this, there is support available through CancerCare Manitoba Patient and Family Support Services. Please call 204-787-2109 or toll free 1-800-561-1026, or ask the research study staff to refer you."