Medical Physics

Preventative maintenance, calibration and/or servicing of medical equipment
The Department of Medical Engineering may be able to offer this service to research groups provided they have expertise with the specific piece of equipment. Some equipment can be very complex and calibration or servicing of that specific device may only be possible if an individual has taken a formal training course to do so. These training courses may need to be purchased by the owner of the equipment and subsequently taken by members of the Department of Medical Engineering to make calibration/servicing by this group possible.

Incoming inspection (electrical and CSA) of new medical device
This inspection ensures that electrical equipment conform to federal and provincial regulations regarding safe use of electrical equipment. All electrical equipment brought into CCMB must undergo this incoming inspection by the Medical Engineering group.

Design/fabrication of devices
The Department of Medical Engineering has the capabilities and expertise to design and manufacture custom devices both mechanical and electrical and this skill set may fit with that required by a research program.

Credentialing of radiation therapy techniques
The Radiation Therapy Physics group is responsible for testing the accuracy of new radiation treatment techniques. Some clinical trials require this testing be performed and the results submitted to a standards committee before an institution is allowed to participate in the trial.

Submission of radiation therapy treatment data
The Radiation Therapy Physics group is responsible for overseeing the collection of patient specific radiation therapy data required by clinical trials.

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