Epidemiology & Cancer Registry

The professional staff of the Department of Epidemiology & Cancer Registry provide consultation and services in the areas of statistics analysis and cancer epidemiology and collaborate with local, national and international partners in cancer research.

The Department's main functions include:

The Department is also engaged in developing an active analytic epidemiology research program.

Although all other provinces in Canada have cancer registries, Manitoba's is unique because of collaborative work between Manitoba Health and CancerCare Manitoba's Department of Epidemiology & Cancer Registry, in which information on cancer patients may be obtained from a variety of administrative databases maintained at Manitoba Health. This enables extensive population-based research, including:

Researchers interested in these types of projects should contact the Department at epi.cancerregistry@cancercare.mb.ca and note that various research approvals will be required.

A population-based central cancer registry, the Manitoba Cancer Registry uses multiple sources of ascertainment to ensure high levels of case ascertainment. These include physician notifications, pathology and cytology reports, and hospitalization, mortality and autopsy records.

Since 2004, cancer registrars have been involved in collaborative staging, which further enhances data collection. Manitoba was the first province to capture stage data on all cancer sites.