Get Involved

The breast cancer "Survivorship Movement" is genuinely a phenomenon in Canadian life.

"Survivors" function today in a variety of occupations, making an impact at all levels of society, from law to medicine to education.

"Survivors" also get together outside the workplace for mutual support and to exchange ideas, raise funds, demand policy changes, lobby governments, organize activity groups, stuff envelopes, offer Peer Support, develop conferences and advocate for one another.

Here in Manitoba, our original breast cancer Peer Support group, Reach to Recovery, first convened in the 70's. Most other programs, from Breast Screening to Breast Cancer Action Manitoba and including the Breast Cancer Centre of Hope, have come into being only since the mid-90's.

If you wish to become involved with other breast cancer "survivors" to improve conditions for each other and for those who will follow, there are many ways to go about it.

You may find ideas and/or opportunities through the following:

You can call the Breast Cancer Centre of Hope for contact information for these agencies.