Other Team Members

Clinical Dietitians
Clinical Dietitians at CancerCare Manitoba are trained and skilled in the nutritional care of people with cancer. The dietitian can help you deal with eating problems, weight changes, special diets and nutritional supplements. Before, during, and after cancer treatment the dietitian can also give you nutrition information and answer your questions and concerns about a variety of topics like healthy eating, vitamin and mineral supplements, vegetarianism and alternative therapies.

Clinical Research Personnel
If you are involved in a research study at CCMB, you will interact with clinical research personnel. Clinical research personnel work in collaboration with other care providers at CCMB to coordinate and facilitate research studies, ensuring all study-related procedures are conducted according to the studies specific requirements.

Communication Clerks, Unit Assistants, and Nursing Assistants
You will see communication clerks in a number of patient care areas. They greet and direct patients at the reception desk, and schedule clinic tests and appointments. Unit assistants and nursing assistants transport patients and assist in many clinic and treatment areas.

Laboratory Technologists
During the course of your care and treatment, it may be necessary for you to have your blood drawn by a laboratory technologist. Most often the blood tests are drawn before a treatment or a clinic appointment. If you are coming for bloodwork only,please come in the afternoon when the lab is less busy. If you have been asked to fast, please come first thing in the morning. 

Medical Physicists and Technologists
Medical Physicists are experts in measuring radiation and in the operation of diagnostic imaging, treatment planning and therapy units. They provide direct clinical support, supervision, and consultation in areas such as radiation treatment planning. Highly skilled Electronic Technologists, Machinists and Health Physicists work closely with the Medical Physicists to ensure the equipment is working optimally and safely.

As part of your Team, the pharmacists are available in the pharmacy and in various clinics. They can give you medication counselling and teaching,and answer questions you may have about your medications. They are also familiar with complementary and alternative medicines, and can advise you about them and how they might interact with other prescribed medications.

Psychosocial Oncology Counsellors
Psychosocial Oncology Counsellors specialize in helping you,your family members and friends cope with cancer and its treatment. Counsellors may be social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, or other health professionals and can see you alone, with your family or as part of a support group. They can help you and your family with the emotional reactions you and they may have to your diagnosis. Cancer may impact your family relationships, sexuality and intimacy. You may want to explore spiritual issues or seek support to help your children deal with your cancer. You may need information about community resources and help to connect with those resources.  Our counsellors can help you in all of these areas and more.

Speech-Language Pathologists
Speech-Language Pathologists at CancerCare Manitoba provide assessment,treatment and education if you have any problems with your speech, voice, eating or swallowing. They work closely with physicians, nurses, dietitians, and other health care professionals.

Pediatric Oncology Team
The Pediatric Oncology Team members at CancerCare Manitoba are experts in each of their areas. In addition to the doctors and nurses, there are child life therapists, music therapists, rehabilitation professionals,a school teacher and a social worker - all here to help you and your child through this experience.

Residents, Interns and Students
CancerCare Manitoba is a teaching facility involved in education. Medical, nursing, radiation therapy, social work, psychology, and other health discipline students, interns, or residents may be involved in your care. These students are supervised by fully qualified staff and are just as committed to protecting your confidentiality and to ensuring you receive high quality care.