Staff List


Staff Name & Phone Number
Disease Site/
Clinic Responsible For/Position
Director, Patient and Family Support Services
Harvey Max Chochinov, MD
(204) 787-4933
Head of Patient and Family Support Services, Director of Manitoba Palliative Care Research Unit
Carol Giesbrecht
(204) 787-4119
Administrative Assistant
Marilou Suva
(204) 787-2109
Kurt Skakum, MD
(204) 787-3479/Fax: 787-4879
Psychiatrist (physician referral required) (both units)
PsycHealth Building (PZ277)
Candace Myers, MSc, SLP*
(204) 787-4120
Speech Language Pathologist and Rehabilitation (both units)
Cheryl Dizon-Reynante, M.Ed., CCC*
(204) 237-2464
Psychosocial Clinician (St. Boniface) Pain & Symptom Clinic, Leukemia, Lymphomas, Melanoma, Sarcoma
Elizabeth Payne, MSW, RSW
Social Worker - CCPN Supportive Care Coordinator
Ian Scott, MSW, RSW
(204) 787-2191
Social Worker - Thoracic, Sarcomas, Renal & Genitourinary
Katherine Gottzman, MSW, RSW
(204) 787-4645
Social Worker - Prostate, Breast
Linda Montford, MSW, RSW*
(204) 479-4133
Social Worker - GI (both units)
Lindsay Drabiuk, M.Div.*
(204) 787-4124
Spiritual Health Specialist (both units)
Miriam Duff, M.Ed., CCLS, CCC
(204) 787-2062
Psychosocial Clinician (both units) Head and Neck, Smoking Cessation
Patti Findlay, BSW, RSW*
(204) 258-1073
Social Worker - Gyne (both Units)
Tom Roche, AM (SW)
(204) 787-4122
Social Worker - Pain & Symptom Control, Leukemia, Lymphomas, Melanoma, Sarcoma and other sites not listed here
Sharon Lundgren, RN/Lori Stewart
(204) 787-4279
Co-ordinator, Patient and Family Resource Centre
Stephanie Howard, MSW, RSW*
(204) 258-1004
Breast (Friday) (St. Boniface)
Stephanie Plaitin*
(204) 787-4180
Co-ordinator, Guardian Angel Caring Room
Angela Martens, RD
(204) 787-4077
Registered Dietitian (MacCharles - Monday to Thursday)
Robin Chambers, RD*
(204) 787-4077 (MacCharles)
(204) 258-1014 (St. Boniface)
Registered Dietitian (St. Boniface - Monday, Thursday, Friday), (MacCharles on Tuesdays)
Gina Sunderland, RD
(204) 787-4084
Registered Dietitian (MacCharles - Wednesday to Friday)
Anne Katz, PhD
(204) 787-4495
Sexuality Counselling (all disease sites, both units)
Beth Szuck, RD
(204) 235-3646
Clinical Dietitian, Primary Breast Cancer (both units)
Cindy Falconer, BSW**
(204) 787-2482
Social Worker - Pediatric Oncology
Kristen Bilenky, BSW, RSW*
(204) 258-1392
WHRA - Winnipeg Navigation Hub, St. Boniface Hospital
Orit Reuter (Weber), MSW, RSW**
(204) 787-2189
Social Worker - BMT/D6 and Brain Tumour
Sharon Stevens, BSW**
(204) 787-8037
Social Worker - BMT/D6