Internal Services Provided

Radiotherapy program:
  An example of the complex linear accelerators at CCMB with its covers removed. This is used to treat cancer patients, and serviced by the Nuclear Electronics service.

Chemotherapy program:

Breast screening:

In order to provide full service to expensive and complex radiation treatment equipment, Nuclear Electronic staff must attend extensive factory training and be Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission licensed. While also supporting most electronic devices used in the radiotherapy program, the department specializes in major equipment such as accelerators, cobalt machines and diagnostic equipment used to deliver the radiotherapy program.

Service for the Bio-Medical equipment within CancerCare is also provided through Nuclear Electronics. This equipment ranges from infusion pumps to small devices used in clinics. Having a large group of technologists servicing a broad range of major equipment allows for efficient servicing of many small devices in-house.

The department provides service for all breast screening equipment within CancerCare provincial screening program. This includes on site repairs within the province to mobile units.