Referral Program

The CancerCare Manitoba Oncologist

Once it has been determined if a patient is medically and geographically eligible to receive care at a CCP, the oncologist and patient decide if care can be provided at a Community Cancer Program (CCP). A lead time of five working days is preferred before care is initiated to allow for both the patient to travel home, and for the appropriate arrangements to be made with the CCP.

The oncologist will dictate a progress note indicating the patient's management details and will generate treatment orders.

The CancerCare Manitoba Nurse (CCMB Nurse)

The CCMB nurse will telephone the appropriate CCP and communicate the patient referral details to the CCP nurse.

The CCMB nurse notifies the CancerCare Manitoba Health Records staff of the referral.

The CCMB nurse issues a card to the patient detailing the contact information for both CancerCare Manitoba and the CCP nurse.

The Community Cancer Program Nurse (CCP Nurse)

After receiving notification of a new patient referral, the CCP nurse will contact the patient to set up an appointment at the local CCP.

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