CCPN Staff

The Community Cancer Programs Network Administrative Office is situated at the MacCharles Site of CancerCare Manitoba at 675 McDermot Avenue, Winnipeg, MB. The CCPN is part of the CancerCare Manitoba (CCMB) Clinical Oncology portfolio.

The staff within the CCPN Office work with CancerCare Manitoba and in partnership with Manitoba's RHAs, to enable patients who live outside Winnipeg to receive their cancer care and treatment closer to home in a safe and effective manner. Their role is to support the Community Cancer Program (CCP) physicians, nurses, pharmacists, social workers and other health professionals with education and training; up-to-date information; administrative support; data analysis; program planning & development and quality assurance. These initiatives also help rural and northern communities develop local cancer care expertise, as well as improve recruitment and retention of health workers.

In addition to the above, the CCPN office is responsible for the planning and organization of the Community Cancer Care Conference, an annual event which brings together CCP staff and cancer care experts from CancerCare Manitoba and beyond, ensuring that CCP staff remain current and well-versed in the latest trends in cancer care.

The CCPN administrative office includes a Medical Director, Program Director, Nurse Educator, Community Liaison Pharmacist, Community Liaison Pharmacy Technician, Professional Development Coordinator, Supportive Care Coordinator, Information Coordinator, Rural Patient Navigation Lead, Project Coordinator- Community Cancer Hub Development CPJI and an Administrative Assistant.

The Medical Director provides expert medical oncology consultation to the Community Cancer Program (CCP), participates in ongoing issues requiring medical input, and provides expert direction regarding future potential for the CCPs and the CCPN. The Medical Director supports the development and coordination of the physician education program; ongoing medical education and CCPN research initiatives.

The Program Director is responsible for the integration, expansion and management of the Community Programs Cancer Network. Working with the CCPN Medical Director, this position is responsible for setting goals for the program that align with the strategic priorities of CCMB and the RHAs to realize the potential for cancer services throughout Manitoba. This position also works closely with the Uniting Primary Care and Oncology Program (UPCON).

The Nurse Educator is responsible for coordinating patient care processes at the CCPs and CCMB that are essential to the shared care model and for providing expert clinical nursing support to the CCP staff. This position is responsible for the coordination of initial and ongoing education for all CCP nursing staff, as well as training and evaluating new CCP nurses in comprehensive oncology nursing (theory, process, clinical mentoring). Working in partnership with the RHAs to provide this training strengthen the bonds between the rural/northern and urban cancer care providers. In addition, the Nurse Educator participates with the CCPN staff in day to day operations, identifying and realizing new initiatives and collaborates with CancerCare Manitoba staff regarding CCP issues and processes.

The Community Liaison Pharmacist facilitates training programs and competence maintenance for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians working in the CCPs. This position educates pharmacy staff about current standards and procedures relating to the safe-handling of cytotoxic drugs as well as processes that affect drug distribution and patient safety. This position is also responsible for providing ongoing clinical education and support to all staff in the community sites.

The Community Liaison Pharmacy Assistant works closely with the Community Liaison Pharmacist in developing and maintaining the pharmacy curriculum for CCP Pharmacy staff training. This position helps to facilitate training sessions and schedules, provides hands on IV admixture training, and also provides education related to safe handling of cytotoxic agents. In addition, the Community Liaison Pharmacy Technician works toward implementing standardization of practice throughout the province and provides assistance with pharmacy-related electronic health record tasks.

The Professional Development Coordinator is responsible for facilitating and planning professional development programs for the Community Cancer Programs Network (CCPN). This position also plays a key role with organizing the content and agenda of the Annual Community Cancer Care Educational Conference.

The Supportive Care Coordinator, in collaboration with Patient and Family Support Services, is responsible for fostering the provision of comprehensive psychosocial oncology and supportive care oncology services in rural Manitoba. This position helps build supportive care capacity closer to home, raise awareness of psychosocial needs and supportive care services, and link providers locally, provincially and nationally to integrate and advance comprehensive cancer care. The Supportive Care Coordinator supports rural supportive care providers by providing clinical mentoring and identifying psychosocial oncology education /training needs and opportunities. The Coordinator assists RHA administrators to complete funding proposals for supportive cancer care staff.

The Information Coordinator is responsible for the statistical and data requirements of the program, providing support to the Community Cancer Programs and their managers. This position ensures that relevant program data is captured for accurate and meaningful analysis and statistical reporting to government departments, Regional Health Authorities, the CCP's and CancerCare Manitoba. Other duties include communication and coordination, operations support and quality assurance.

The Patient Navigation Lead is responsible for the coordination and development of patient navigation services in rural Manitoba working in partnership with the RHAs and Manitoba Health by continually collaborating to help improve the quality of oncology patient care provincially and impacting wait-times in a positive way. The focus of implementation of Navigation services is to coordinate, seamless, patient-centered care for patients as close to home as possible. Patient navigation assists patients and their families through all phases of the cancer experience with the aim of improving the coordination and continuity of care, facilitating access to services and resources, and providing education and support throughout the entire cancer journey.

The Administrative Assistant is responsible for the effective and efficient provision of office support services and administrative assistance in the delivery and running of the CCPN program. This position interacts with all staff within the CCPN office and the Community Cancer Programs, as well as other CancerCare Manitoba departments and outside agencies.