Program Structure

CancerCare Manitoba delivers cancer care through its two urban sites:

CancerCare Manitoba works with all of the Regional Health Authorities, whose staff provide care at the 16 Community Cancer Programs in Manitoba.

A contractual agreement between CancerCare Manitoba and the Regional Health Authority outlines the responsibilities of the Regional Health Authority, the 16 Community Cancer Programs (CCPs), and CancerCare Manitoba in the delivery of cancer

There are also four urban community hospitals with their own oncology programs:


The Community Cancer Programs Network began as a pilot project in 1978. At that time, five rural CCPs were opened (Brandon, Dauphin, Flin Flon, The Pas, and Thompson).

Initially the program focused on delivering chemotherapy treatment to breast cancer patients in rural Manitoba. Today, the program has become increasing involved in providing care across the cancer spectrum for most cancer diagnoses at sixteen CCPs.

In 2010, the CCPN  welcomed the first Community Cancer Resource & Support Program (CCRSP) located in Eriksdale. The focus of the CCRSP is supportive care across the cancer spectrum, from pre-diagnosis through survivorship or palliative care. However, unlike the CCPs, the CCRSP does not provide chemotherapy treatment.