What do we mean by shared care?

The concept of the shared-care model is straightforward. Patients are assessed by oncologists at CancerCare Manitoba (CCMB) or by private oncologists working at any one of Winnipeg's four Community Hospitals.

Patients may be eligible for care at a CCP if they: 
  1. live near a community cancer program and,

  2. are medically eligible (his/her prescribed treatment can be safely delivered at a Community Cancer Program)

The oncologist and patient may decide that the best location for that individual's cancer care is at their local CCP. Patients may choose to receive their cancer care in Winnipeg or their local CCP.

The oncologist will then refer the patient to the CCP for care.

While the referring oncologist retains overall responsibility for treatment plans, the care is delivered by the locally selected, multidisciplinary team trained in oncology (family physicians/surgeons, registered nurses, pharmacists, and other health care professionals).


Shared Care Model

schematic of the CCPN model