Epidemiology & Cancer Registry

To reduce the burden of cancer in Manitoba, we must first study the patterns of this disease in our province and work to understand the reasons behind the trends.

The collection, organization, and analysis of a variety of population-based cancer data is the mission of the Department of Epidemiology & Cancer Registry at CancerCare Manitoba. This dedicated team of highly skilled experts transforms raw data into useful information that is used to develop programs to prevent cancer, detect it earlier or improve treatment.

The Department of Epidemiology & Cancer Registry is part of the Population Oncology portfolio, which also includes screening programs and First Nations, Metis and Inuit Cancer Control.

The Department's main functions include:

The Department also holds a variety of local, national and international research grants and contracts. Over the last five years, the Department has been involved in at least 50 of these vital projects bringing in $3,346,753 to CancerCare Manitoba and its research partners.

Funding has been provided by many national and provincial agencies including: