Blood & Marrow Transplant Registry

The Manitoba Blood & Marrow Transplant (MBMT) Program was established in 1991 at CancerCare Manitoba. Since its inception the program has performed over 400 blood & marrow transplants, for both adult and pediatric patients for malignant and non-malignant diseases.

Blood & marrow transplantation is a medical procedure being used to treat diseases once thought to be incurable. It involves the infusion of hematopoietic progenitor cells from a self-donation (autologous), from a living donor other than the recipient (allogeneic), or from an identical twin donor (syngeneic). Since its first successful use in 1968, transplants have been used worldwide to treat patients diagnosed with leukemia, aplastic anemias, lymphomas, multiple myeloma, immune deficiency disorders and some solid tumors.

Given the complexity of the transplant patient population, ongoing critical review of transplant outcome is essential in order to improve transplant results. Data on all transplants performed at our center is collected for the MBMT Program & various transplant registries for this purpose.

What is our purpose?

To co-ordinate, collect and assist in the appropriate dissemination of all pertinent transplant data for the MBMT Program. We ensure that necessary data for clinical & research purposes is collected, prepared, and analyzed according to program & registry requirements.

What is clinical data used for?

Data collected is used for various purposes: