Found a lump?

The first thing to know about a lump in the breast is that there are many possible reasons for it being there besides breast cancer.

Ask yourself if you are due for your monthly period. If you are, check your breast again after your period to see if the lump is still there. Your breasts are lumpiest just before your period starts. If you do not have regular cycles, check the area again in a couple of days. A lump that does not go away needs to be checked. Make an appointment with your own doctor or a doctor or nurse practitioner available to you in your community.

This visit usually begins with the doctor or nurse practitioner asking about your concern, the length of time it has been present and whether or not the area has become larger or smaller. It is helpful to write this information down so it is clear and accurate. The next step will be an examination and often a referral to an x-ray centre for a mammogram. You may also be referred to a doctor who specializes in breast care.

Guideline #1 in Questions and answers on breast cancer provides you with the expected follow-up for a lump that can be felt in the breast.

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