Pain & Symptom Management Clinics

Purpose of the Clinic

Pain and Symptom Clinics at CancerCare Manitoba provide an assessment of patients who have symptoms related to their cancer or cancer treatment.

These clinics are held at both CancerCare Manitoba sites in Winnipeg (MacCharles and St. Boniface) and can also be accessed through Manitoba TeleHealth.

Family members are considered integral to the assessment process and are encouraged to attend the clinic appointment with patients.

The Pain and Symptom Clinics work with the primary cancer team.

Problems or Symptoms Suitable for this Clinic

Patients can experience many different problems or symptoms from their cancer that may need treatment. Here are some of the common symptoms that patients come to the pain and symptom clinic to have assessed and treated:

Referral Process

Your CancerCare Manitoba health care provider, family doctor or nurse practitioner can send a referral for you to be seen in the Pain and Symptom Clinic.