What about Privacy?

Your privacy is something we take very seriously.

Every member of our staff and all of our volunteers have signed a Pledge of Confidentiality. Any paper files or notes relating to you are kept under lock and key or if on the computer, protected by passwords.

As part of your health care team, our professional staff does communicate their involvement with you to other health care team members to ensure quality care. However, confidentiality means that you can be assured that the details of your discussions are not shared without your consent.

There are legal and ethical limits to confidentiality such as when a person threatens harm to themselves or others, or where child abuse is disclosed. In these situations, to ensure that people are safe, the counsellor is legally and ethically required to tell the appropriate authorities.

Be assured, within reasonable and legal limits, we will do everything we can to protect your privacy.

If you have any concerns about this, speak to your counsellor or contact the Director of Patient and Family Support Services, Jill Taylor-Brown, at (204) 787-1325 or the Patient Representative at (204) 787-2065.