Cancer & Sexuality

Living with cancer can affect sexual functioning in various ways - some of these effects may be due to the cancer itself, the treatments, your sense of yourself and/or the emotions that you are feeling.

People with cancer often have questions about sexuality - and these questions change from the time of diagnosis, through treatment, and then into recovery.

Some of the sexual issues people with cancer have to deal with are relatively minor, but sometimes they are ongoing and more serious.

Some people choose to ignore these issues, but many people want to deal with them so that they can continue to be intimate with their partners, perhaps just in a different way than before.

Sexuality counseling may help you and your partner deal with sexual concerns. CancerCare Manitoba offers sexuality information and counseling services through Psychosocial Oncology .

Although all of our counselors are available to discuss sexual concerns, we also have one counsellor, Dr. Anne Katz, who specializes in this area. She is available by appointment by calling (204) 787-4495.