Help for Patients

Counseling is one thing you can do for yourself to help deal with the emotions and issues that you face as someone with a diagnosis of cancer. It is part of the care provided at CancerCare Manitoba and our counseling sessions, support groups and other programs are offered free of charge.

We know that our services have made a huge difference for many patients:

"In a confidential setting I have the freedom to discuss my personal concerns... I am learning to accept my feelings without judging them, to be more open in my relationships, to be more at ease with myself and others, and to bring more joy into my life. I would encourage any patient to meet with a counsellor... you will not be asked to change who you are. Instead you will be helped to become more yourself."

The name of our department, Psychosocial Oncology, may sound confusing at first. But, our counselors are key members of your health care team and are made up of social workers, psychiatrists and psychologists.

We will meet with you as an individual, together with your partner or with your family, and if you are outside Winnipeg, will talk to you long-distance, or through Teleoncology. We can also help you access other resources and supports and help you sort out which ones are likely to be most helpful to you.

All you need to do is call, or ask for a referral.