Financial Arrangements

Most CancerCare Manitoba services are available at no cost to Manitoba residents who have valid Manitoba Health registration. For more information about Manitoba's Insured Health Benefits, please call 786-7101 or, outside Winnipeg, toll-free 1-800-392-1207.

Drugs for outpatients may be covered by Pharmacare (after the deductible amount) or by a private health plan you may have. For more information about Pharmacare, call 786-7141 or toll-free 1-800-297-8099. Some medical expenses may not be covered by any of these plans (like travel to obtain medical care), but these expenses may be eligible for a tax credit. It is a good idea to keep all your receipts and check with the Canada Revenue Agency (Revenue Canada) about whether you can receive a tax credit for additional expenses.

Canadians who come to CancerCare Manitoba for treatment, but who normally live outside Manitoba, are usually covered by their home province's health insurance plan. Patients who are not permanent residents of Canada may not have insurance coverage.

Our pharmacists and psychosocial counsellors will help with any questions or concerns you may have.