For All Your Appointments at CancerCare Manitoba

    1. If you are a patient and you have any kind of skin rash, please call your nurse before coming for your appointment. That way the nurse can plan to treat your rash and at the same time make sure other patients are protected.
    2. If you, your family or friends have been exposed to chicken pox or shingles, please telephone the clinic before coming for your appointment.
    3. Family, friends, or children who normally accompany you on your visit should not come to the clinic with you if they have flu or cold symptoms (coughing, sneezing, runny nose, rash, or an elevated temperature of more than 38 degrees celsius).
    4. Germs are everywhere and everyone has them. You your family and friends, can prevent the spread of germs by performing hand hygiene, the newest term to describe hand washing or decontaminating hands with waterless alcohol-based hand cleaner.

      Germs are most easily spread by touching. Illnesses like colds and the flu are spread by contact with respiratory secretions on coughing, sneezing or by unclean hands. Clean your hands well and often.

      Please wash your hands at a washroom sink when you come for your appointment and turn the taps off with paper towel to avoid re-contaminating your hands, or use the waterless cleaner provided at reception/appointment/clinic/treatment areas.