CancerCare Manitoba Quit Smoking Program Evaluation Survey

Did you receive an invitation in the mail for an online survey about CancerCare Manitoba’s Quit Smoking Program?

With funding from the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, CancerCare Manitoba is conducting an evaluation of our Quit Smoking Program.

As part of this evaluation, we are conducting an online survey to help us understand how effective our program is. We want to provide the best possible service to our program participants. To improve, we need to know what we are doing right and what may need to be changed.

We want to hear from you! We depend on you to keep us informed. The online survey will take participants approximately 10 minutes to complete and looks to capture your experiences and opinions about the Quit Smoking Program. Completion of the survey is voluntary and completely anonymous, and your responses are confidential. They will be combined with those of others and will not be individually disclosed. Please feel free to share your opinions honestly and be assured that your future care will not be negatively affected by you providing your input.

We have done our very best to prevent this invitation being sent to someone in error. If you have received this invitation by mistake, please accept our sincere apology. You can contact the Epidemiology and Cancer Registry toll free at 1-877-787-1272 if you wish to be removed from the contact list for this study and/or future similar studies.

Thank you for your time and help. Your effort will help us provide better care to all our patients.

Focus groups with Quit Smoking Program participants and eligible non-participants (tobacco users who did not participate in the program) will take place in fall 2016.