What are We Doing at CancerCare Manitoba?

  • Comprehensive Problem and Symptom Screening (COMPASS) Questionnaire - This screening tool is used routinely in Manitoba at clinic visits. Your healthcare team wants to hear about any concerns you are having and things that might be making life difficult at this time. The best way for us to learn about these things is from you. This will help us give you the care and support you need; at the time you need it most.
  • Ambulatory Oncology Patient Satisfaction Survey (AOPSS; previously known as Picker) - Every 3-4 years CCMB engages with the National Research Corporation Canada, an independent research company to survey a sample of patients who received treatment at CancerCare Manitoba. To improve, we need to know what we are doing right and what may need to be changed. We depend on patients to keep us informed. Patient opinions are valuable to us. The most recent survey was completed at the beginning of 2016. Results are currently being analyzed.
  • My Cancer Transitions Survey - We recognize that survivors may have experienced a difficult period during and after treatment for cancer. To help improve the quality of cancer care for all Canadians, we have engaged with patients and survivors to better understand their experience regarding the kinds of supports needed after treatment is completed and when they are getting back to their lives. This national project funded by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer was launched in 2016 and includes participation from all Canadian provinces.